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Sunday, November 19, 2006

I think it was September / or mid-October / the sun was looking down on me / like a glowing ember / I think it was a Thursday, / well, I can't remember / All I know it was the winter of summer weather / I met an old man / with a metal detector / he said his name was Stan, / but I heard it was Hector

---Sound of Urchin, from "Alligator"

I'm likin' this album.

Question: how many women with sometimes blue hair does it take to find a freebie Diet Coke top? 1 Liter nonetheless! How many of these women (I know it takes more than one) pursue this Quest endlessly? Digging through trash? Knowing they have some feline companions who are prob'ly to blame....

I'm getting out the Manic Panic. More blue = more luck. Or I could ask St

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves
Two age old questions continue to haunt me:

1. Free Will/Choice vs. Fate/Destiny
2. Objective vs. Subjective Reality

My only conclusion is that all are going on all of the time, and the whole damn thing is absurd anyway. Absurdism is defined as a philosophy based on the belief that the universe is irrational and meaningless and that the search for order brings the individual into conflict with the universe. And yet, I continue to do this. No wonder I like Kafka so much. Fuck, the very idea that someone is reading this because I typed it into a computer makes my point. The existentialists believe that every man must decide for himself the way he should act and should not be bound by other rules. Hey, I believe that too….

Through his writing, Albert Camus said that to be a true existentialist you had to remove yourself from society as much as possible since a belief in the foundation of government was to conform. Since conforming to society norms is considered sometimes good and sometimes bad, it doesn’t allow the individual to progress and reach his own decisions. Camus realized that restricting himself from all social conformity was impossible. In his book, “The Stranger”, Camus depicts a man with very little emotion. In society, the common idea is that light is good and evil grows in the darkest of places, but in the book evil is good and the light is bad. I liked it a lot.

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately. And, I have noticed that most of the writers I like grew up poor. These writers suffered the loss of a parent and sometimes sickness. They were not strangers to heartache. I just can’t relate to rich kids like Fitzgerald and the countless other Ivy League types. I hate old poetmen. One thing I do know for sure. I have to bring the meaning to life, life won’t bring the meaning to me. Leave it to the old chiasmus to help me justify and rationlize (every time I write or say that word I can’t help but think about Covey’s “Rational Lies”). Yep, it is all pretty fucking absurd……

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

historythe history that we wrote is still in court of writing it is why there is certain risk of modification. In this case we will inform you on the fields not to disturb your reading. All your comments are welcome especially if you have councils.
Both rashemines accept, not being able resister with the soft eyes of the binoculars. They are thus put on the way. The voyage is as painful as quiet. The ways sonr almost impracticable and the impression not to advance is present. Fortunately, end of nerves has, the band of friends arrives finally at the port. after some short good-bye, of the acclades, both fréres fill the few obligatory passports and goes up has edge. The voyage was hard, as they had predicted. However pleasant surprised comes to decorate their voyage: Bigoce, a friend of long date, it is him also registered and divides their conpartiment. Even if opportunitées to discuss are rare, they arrives has to report some memory of childhood before finally accosting. While arrived, another pleasant surprise, moin accomodate them: Vallela and Aurora. They are there, in front of them, the ashamed glance. The 3 boys approaches them:
< < - What made you here, howled Psymall ?!? I had said to you to remain on your premise!
- Waits, we will explain you: we were going to return on our premises quanq a friend made us sign in a boat. One came to greet it and the boat has to release the amares. The captain said to us that it did not couldn't to make half-turn if not it should pay the tax portiaire and it did not have the means of it. Then one has to ask to him to ask to deposit us on this island, it had on his way. In any event we have déja signed the authorization and we can nothing any more change there. > >
The boy devisagent them. Not thinking that they lie, they invite them in the tent which is allotted to them. Psymall and Bigoce leave to seek nouture while Manaru remains with the girls, has duscuter what was going this to pass. At the end of a few minutes, lls returns. With them Takesh. They had met it in way and as it was alone, they had brought it here.

Like every morning per same hour (except the weekend), both rashemines * (*: even description rashemine in bottom of the blog) Manaru and Psymall awakes sleep extrémement light which characterizes their short nights. Without exchanging a word, they are lévent and gets dressed. after some steps, the two brothers arrive in the kitchen where various bowls are been useful remplient of various things, like cereals. Their father east sat with the table, the dissatisfied air. The two young people assoient themselves opposite him. Its eyes are fixed then on them. He does not have to forget the discution of last evening, on the fact that both brothers want to enter the 1ème company, this military camp which always leave as a prémier in the battles, always in the search of a new threat has to exterminate.
< <> >
Of rage, Psymall stand and takes the door. For its father its behavior is as incomprehensible as the practice of meeting of maitrise rashemine. This is why the modifications cardiac and muscular appaissent. Accustomed this kind of situation has, Manaru does not move of a lash. The least noise is likely to attract its father. It tries all the same to rise. The chair is reversed. Not second A to lose if not it the is scraped assured one. Manaru is thus put has to run in direction of the door. As it knew it are father is fastest. Knowing what is likely to arrive to him, it is put in balls and prepares with the shock. Indeed, its father balances it by the window. Manaru is crushed then molement on the lawn of the house of opposite.
Meanwhile, Psymall was left to return visit in Aurora and Vallela. Manaru, being reveillant of sound attérissage forced, moves, like agreed with his/her brother, at the two binoculars. Indeed are frére is on the lawn of the immense castle of its two nearer friendly. after some greetings and explanations, the two girls their propose to remain a few times at them:
< < - Our house is large you have to only remain to sleep time that they is necessary for you and you will leave to the port when a boat is presentera. My father works with the port, it will be able to inform you if the ship of recruitment of your first company here!

-Thank you.we will not remain well a long time. A ship should arrive tomorrow evening. > >
Both fréres take seat in one of the piéce castle. The room does not have as a furniture which a immence reads has complétement baldachins white. The boy instalent himself there and falls asleep, revant has the hard day of walk of the following day.
Once again both rashemines are levent at the same time, are rehabillent and gone down to make their good-bye with the two binoculars. Their great surprise, they are already of held sporting and a milk bowl to them each one tightens.
< < - One léve early on your premise! Psymall exclaimed.
- Not, it is not that. We decided to leave with you!
- Not question, known as manaru. It is too dangereu and your parents will agree never.
- We are 18 years old, one does what one wants!
- You do not measure the risk, shouted Psymall. It is the danger at every moment with the 1ème company! We go there because we are rashemines! We are likely to prove reliable. You do not have yourselves any experience of combat. One does not make knitting, over there. You will not have only one second A you. And if you sleep 3 times per week that will be quite beautiful. There is no drive in this company. Only ten the best is retained chaques years. And for this reason it is necessary to pass certain tests! It killed chaques year there. And if you are in difficulty, nobody will be there to help you.
- Let us accompany you to the port! You will be helped has to carry your business!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

LoveWhen he was only my lover,My god, as it was charming,But since he is my husband,It is a little less nice.
When it was that my lover,It had disconcerting kisses,Of these kisses full with passion,Who cut breathing,Who you cuts legs and arms,Who cut you all... you see that!
Today, if I dare to try most innocent of the kiss,It essuie of the reverse of the hand,"You put red to me... it is malignant"
Qunand he was only my lover,To call me very tenderly,It always found some thing,IT said "My blue duck. My pink pigeon.
Yes, but now, it changed, it is obvious,Ni of blue, nor of pinkAnd my first name... I believe well that it forgot it,When he wants to call me, he makes "hé"!
When he was my lover,He took me along to the restaurant,The best believed, best dishes,Nothing was too good for me.
Now, I make the kitchen myselfAnd I vary the menus with the extrème,With each new succulent dishI waits until it taste, the beating heart."Cherished, that do you say some of this dish?I say anything of it, it is only calf.
When he was only my lover,My festival was an event,Never it would have forgotten to wish it to me,Obviously, it was too beautiful.
When I say "It is my festival you know?It Still makes "? You exaggeratesIt was already last year "
When he was my lover,It was attentive,If, while walking us, of adventureI twisted a little my shoe,So early, it precipitated"You did not hurt yourself, my small chicken"
Today, the same accident,Attract me gallant remarks:"Lastly, it is extraordinary,You your time to you foutre spends by ground!"
When it was that my lover,My god, who it was charming,Me, I believed that that was going to last,Then, well on, I it married board,If I had known obviously...
But here, one do not know frontIf I were certain only it is well himI would not recognize it todayI would like to find all these caressesAnd these small words full with tenderness
I found them!!!
Without joke!!!
Since yesterday...
I took a lover...

Song of Mathieu Johannhas that mom who had me at the school.Duties in tears, not of barb to comfort me.Noels with two, that made not large.There I tedemandais to be, to come without gift.I cannot be sad, of images I do not have any.Be just egoistic for you, it misses me an end of me.
Have beautiful being to you my father, me I do not recognize you.The years of gallery, one made without you.It does not flee a father, it is there, that cheating not.Put my heart with back to you, my rage at the place.
And it, is what you thought of it?Today still, has there that me which say you to him are beautiful.Broke you his mirror, it wants to look at itself more.I gum any resemblance, I want more to see it crying.It is not as these couples which one sees with tele.You, you are right party will never come.